Dallas DogRRR is made up entirely of volunteers – a network of dog lovers who share the common goal of saving the abandoned dogs of Dallas. No matter what your time availability, talents, or skills are, there are many ways you can get involved and support our collective efforts.

Vitamity provides Dallas DogRRR volunteers a web based platform through which to apply, sign the volunteer contact, and maintain and assign volunteer duties.

1) Login at Vitamity.com. Choose Adopter/Foster/Volunteer box. Select Become a New User (if you do not already have a login/password).
2) Login to complete the volunteer application/contract
3) After we review your application, we will be in touch to assign you a volunteer role(s)

For assistance with applying or login trouble, call/text 323.736.0002 or email info@vitamity.com

Quick List

Below is a list of the most popular volunteer positions.

  • Feeding Dogs in Need of Rescue
  • Fostering Rescue Dogs
  • Fundraising
  • Helping at Adoption Events
  • Socializing Puppies
  • Transporting Rescue Dogs
  • Walking Rescue Dogs in Boarding

Learn More

  • Click here to download the Dallas DogRRR Volunteer Opportunities & Descriptions.
  • Click here to download the Dallas DogRRR Volunteer Rules & Regulations + General Information.


If you’re interested in volunteering and would like to let us know, click here!

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