Last June, one of our DogRRR volunteers witnessed a shameful surrender of Winnie, by her owner. This poor girl, who was pregnant at the time, was being dumped at the dog shelter by her owner. Our volunteer happened to be there picking up another dog and immediately set up a plan for her to join Dallas DogRRR Family. 


The look of sadness on her face was simply devastating. Her owner was irresponsible and as a result, she got pregnant. Instead of taking care of her, he dumped her like trash. Sadly, it happens every day. But what Winnie thought might have been her last chapter, was actually her new beginning!


Two weeks after this picture, she gave birth to a wonderful litter of puppies who she nursed and cared for. She was a wonderful momma and her puppies were successfully adopted.


And the best news is… her foster family has officially adopted her! Welcome home, Winnie!!


You can help dogs like Winnie have a second chance, by opening your home as foster or making a donation to support Dallas DogRRR’s efforts.