Calvin is about another incredible transformation story with a happy ending!


In May, Calvin was found with his buddy Hobbs, and of the two, Calvin was in horrible shape. Weak and emaciated, he was literally carried to our friends at Vet Ranch where he was treated for his worms and infections.



This was back in May and when we posted for a foster, his angel, and now new Mom came to his rescue! Our sweet Calvin weighed less than 30 pounds when he was found, and now he is a hovering around 80 pounds, but he wears it well!! We couldn’t be happier for the home he has found, and for the family that fell in love with him!


Success stories like this help us keep doing what we’re doing and we are so glad you are behind us and supporting us! Happy Tails sweet Calvin!!

P.S. – His buddy Hobbs is also ready for adoption!! To meet him, click here and shoot us an email!