December 6th, 2016- The details about the horrendous and tragic situation just over the TX border in Arkansas continue to develop and come out. While the investigation continues, this is the most concrete published account of what has happened.

Hundreds of dogs were pulled from shelters by a “rescuer” who abandoned them all. When rescuers arrived to the property in Horatio Arkansas, 13 animals were found huddling under a house and cowering in the grass. All animals that were found alive, are severely malnourished, and have parasites and heartworm. Rescuers reported there was “ample evidence” to show many could not make it long enough for help to come. Texas police have launched an investigation.  You can read more information on the Dodo here.

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Without hesitation, Dallas DogRRR offered up whatever resources were needed to rescue and get these dogs safe. While the situation is deplorable, our immediate focus is for the animals in need, getting them treated, and finding them a temporary sanctuary in a safe home.

All vet services are being donated by our friends at Vet Ranch. PLEASE consider making a donation on these animals’ behalf to the Abandoned Pet Project, who supports Vet Ranch

We STILL need to find potential foster homes for these animals in need. We are expecting a few more this week to be rescued from the property and would love for them to have a warm place to decompress and recover. Please email us-