When we speak of Community Outreach, this is one example of the village coming together to save innocent souls. We were made aware of the situation only a couple of nights ago and animal advocates sprung into action and went to the house. Momma had her pups underneath a house because she wasn’t allowed indoors. There were eight originally, but one died right after being born, and another passed shortly before the cry for rescue help was given.

The remaining pups were severely anemic, and all flea infested considering where they were living. Immediately, one rescue was able to take in two of the six, and DogRRR was able to get fosters the next day for the remaining four.


These are some of the most innocent souls who didn’t ask to be brought into the over-populated, harsh world of South Dallas. But now that they are here, we have to help them.


Meet Evee, Char, Maymay, and Pikachu. These are four of six surviving puppies that were born under a house in South Dallas almost two months ago.


The pups are rebounding well and are enjoying their first days inside with soft cozy bedding to keep them comfortable. We are not wanting to leave momma behind, but there is a very good reason why she needs to stay at her home. However, we are not simply going to let her go uncared for either. Once ready, she will be spayed and vetted.


 How You Can Help!

Many people came together to rescue these sweet babies, and they are soon ready for homes. We are in NEED of donations for their care to get them completely vetted and ready for adoption. You can donate for the care of Evee, Char, Maymay, and Pikachu through PayPal or through our donation page. You can also send us a donation directly in PayPal with the email donate@dallasdogrrr.org

Another way you can support these (and our other puppies!) is through Amazon. We have an Amazon Wish List that you can shop. You select whatever items you would like to send us and Amazon will send them directly to our rescue.

Evee, Char, Maymay, and Pikachu need to be monitored for a couple of weeks to make sure they are healthy, but we expect them to be ready for adoption in a couple of weeks. If you are interested in adopting one of these puppies, please email adopt@dallasdogrrr.org for more information.

Thank you for your continued support!!