Patrick is ready and waiting for a furever home!


Last year, Patrick was rescued from a park in SE Dallas named Crawford Park. He was living there with a big pack of homeless dogs.


His face was torn up and infected when he was rescued, but his foster mom nursed him back to health – both physically and emotionally. He is such a well behaved dog. You could tell he had never experienced kindness before his rescue.


Patrick has been a part of Dallas DogRRR for over a year now and most of that time was in rehabilitation. He has the best manners and loves other dogs with proper introductions. He greets everyone with his wiggly tail and doggy grin, and while a big ole goofball, he’s 100% lovable and sweet.


He’s another transformation story that is just short of complete. Finding him his furever home will be the happy ending we’re all hoping for this big lug!

We know you’re curious, so email us and let’s get things started! Email fo r more information about adopting Patrick!