The story begins with a young woman named Marina Tarashevska. In 2012, Marina moved to Dallas and began exploring her new city. As she drove around, she noticed several stray dogs roaming the streets. She decided to open her new place to them until she could find them a home!

This small beginning gradually became a movement. She began reaching out to her new local friends on Facebook and was met with ever-increasing support. People began donating supplies, offering to open their homes as well, and networking to find the perfect forever families for these abandoned dogs.

The more dedicated Marina became, the more followers she inspired. Soon, over 1,000 thousand followers were band together, wanting to become a solution to the problem. With great excitement and motivation, a core group was formed, our official name “Dallas DogRRR” was chosen, and a goal was set in place: We would become a nonprofit rescue dedicated to rescuing the abandoned dogs of Dallas, rehabilitating them in preparation for their loving new homes, and reforming our city by raising awareness and making it a safer place.

The story is still expanding! How would you like to be a part of it?

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