Why Dallas Dogs Need Rescuing

Marina Carrying Hope
Marina Rescuing Hope

Every hour, unwanted pets are being surrendered to shelters or dumped and left to fend for themselves on the streets. Although this is happening everywhere, it seems to be most prevalent in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, specifically SE Dallas!

While our local shelter works hard to keep up with the overwhelming number of dogs being surrendered daily, the Dallas DogRRR network takes a proactive approach by rescuing abandoned dogs straight off the streets (rather than waiting to later pull them from the shelter), in order to get them into loving homes as soon as possible.


Freedom Ride!

Lucy & Ethel’s Freedom Ride

Each day is different. Some of the dogs we find are so desperate to be loved that they readily jump into one of our cars and do not look back. Others are hesitant to trust and are gradually won over due to our regular, delicious feeding schedules (same place, same time, every day!). Regardless of how or when they officially become a Dallas DogRRR rescue dog, the relieved, ecstatic, or simply exhausted expression on their sweet face during their Freedom Ride makes a rescue day the best day ever.

Once we rescue a dog off the street, we get right to work preparing them for their new forever homes. Sometimes we get lucky and come across a lost dog with a loving family missing and looking for them! Most of the time though, these dogs have truly been dumped like trash on the side of the road and are so incredibly grateful for a second chance. We work with our own passionate fosters and other strong, local rescues to rehabilitate these amazing dogs and prepare them for safe, forever homes.

How You Can Rescue

Do you want to join in on the action? Every step of this rescue process has so many unique ways to be involved – from building trusting relationships during our feeding schedules to transporting newly rescued dogs to the foster families waiting for them! Click here to find out more.

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A Rescue Story… MIA

Mia was running around next to the access road with her siblings and mother and several other dogs. Dallas DogRRR rescuers managed to scare them away from entering the highway, but lost track of everyone. A Good Samaritan that was trying to help, spotted Mia, trapped in a car dealership and flagged us down. This is Mia’s rescue story. If you would like to help us rescue more Dallas street dogs like Mia, please donate today!