Fosters Are Our Heroes

Fostering is one of the most impactful volunteer roles. Since we can’t afford boarding too many of our rescues, the number of fosters we have dictates the number of dogs we can rescue at any given time. Whether you can take 1 dog or a whole litter of tiny, fluffy puppies, a foster home is the ideal place for Dallas DogRRR’s rescue dogs to rest and prepare for their forever families.

How You Can Be A Hero

Are you interested in fostering one of our rescue dogs? Check out our dogs on the Adopt page. If there is an active Foster button, that means we need a foster home for that dog. Just click the button and apply.  We will get back to you upon receipt of your application.You may also contact us directly if you have any questions. Click here to let us know!

Ready to apply to be a foster? Click here to complete your application!!

Dallas DogRRR provides all the medical care, food and supplies for your foster dog. This includes monthly heartworm preventative, collar, leash, potty pads and bedding.

For additional assistance email